How We Communicate


At St Laurence's Primary School, our aim is to be proactive in strengthening positive partnerships between the school and its families. Effective two-way communication is integral to this partnership.

St Laurence's Primary School strives to:

  • create a culture of open and respectful communication that promotes closer collaboration
  • foster close communication between parents and the teachers of their children
  • keep parents regularly informed about its expectations, and their children's activities and development at school
  • ensure there is a well-structured formal process of communication with parents, with both school and family responsible for ensuring there is effective communication outside these formal opportunities

We value positive relationships with parents and carers to help develop better social and emotional skills in children. We know that when children are engaged with their learning, they attend school more regularly, leading to better long term outcomes.

St Laurence’s Primary encourages regular communication between parents and teachers through a weekly newsletter, the Compass student information system and app, emails, phone and social media. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment via email, phone or in person when required.

At St Laurence’s, we utilise the Diocesan-wide software package, COMPASS, to communicate with our community. This package allows parents and teachers to be in contact at various levels – individual student, class and whole school. Newsletters, calendars, permission notes, absentee and leave forms, plus Semester 1 and 2 reports are all sent out electronically via COMPASS. COMPASS can be utilised through your computer or on your smartphone via the COMPASS app.

St Laurence’s also has its own Facebook page where regular updates on classroom learning and various special events are posted for you to share and like. It’s a great way to share with family and friends all that is special and wonderful about St Laurence’s Primary School.