Social Justice


‘Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.’ - St Francis of Assisi

swagrecycling.jpgAt St Laurence’s Primary, we believe that Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything and we aim to support students in creating a deeper awareness of social justice issues. Our students live in a world, and experience a curriculum of learning, where they are increasingly aware that there are injustices, near and far. Our social justice initiatives strive to develop in students a sense of purpose, and being able to make a difference, no matter how small. We also promote a sense that together we can do more as a community than we can do alone. Our Catholic school is committed to reaching out to help those in need, through charitable outreach initiatives.

St Laurence’s Primary maintains a close relationship with a range of charitable organisations. These include the St Vincent de Paul Society, Caritas and the Catholic Mission. Each year we contribute to the Vinnies Winter and Christmas Appeals and the Lenten Project Compassion Appeal.

Our Mini Vinnies Student Association meets up regularly to work on projects and raise awareness on current issues in our community. Currently we are collecting recyclable drink containers to raise money for ‘Backpack Beds’ for the homeless. We also contribute to the Catholic Mission through our Mini Market Day student initiative. All classes are involved in identifying fundraising opportunities and collaborate with their classmates to create a fundraising scope and sequence each year, nominating their chosen charity and how they will raise donations.