Learning Support


St Laurence’s Primary is committed to providing quality teaching and learning experiences that support the individual educational needs of all students. While the first level of support is within a whole class instructional and independent practice platform (Tier 1 instruction), we recognise the importance of the second and third tiers of support that provide additional instruction and guided learning in small groups or one-on-one support.

Our school has a very experienced Learning Support Teacher leading a great team of Learning Assistants who collaborate with the Learning Support Team and class teachers to implement a number of intervention programs to support our students, both in the classroom and in break out rooms.

The Learning Support Team provides support for students across the school in both academic and social competencies.

  • Small group and Individual literacy and numeracy support (Tier 2 and 3 Intervention)
  • Social and Emotional skills programs
  • In-class support for teachers
  • Referral to and liaising with outside agencies such as paediatricians, psychologists, speech and occupational therapists.

In addition, we have a school-based psychologist at the school every week. All students are known and valued for their own unique needs and contributions.