Music Lessons


St Laurence’s Primary offers a comprehensive music education program. Music is a wonderful, creative medium that can enhance overall learning at school. Music is taught in each of our classrooms, with lessons covering song, melody, beat and rhythm, movement, instruments, as well as performance. To complement the classroom teaching, we are also able to offer a wide variety of additional private instrumental tuition, music services and activities in partnership with Macquarie Conservatorium.

Students from Years 3 - 6 have the opportunity to participate in our Primary School Band. Being a member of the school band is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and master a musical instrument, to be part of a team, to have fun and make new friends and to gain valuable satisfaction and self esteem. During their time in band, students will learn to play an instrument, read music, develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of musical styles and be given many performance opportunities. The many skills they learn, such as increased concentration and self discipline, carry over into all parts of their lives.