Student Voice


Students have the opportunity to take on various lead tasks around the school. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are elected for Student Representative Council (SRC) positions in each of the ministries.

The Ministries are:

  • Religion
  • Public Relations
  • Environment
  • Sport

The Student Leadership Program is based on a Parliament Model. Senior Student Leaders are commissioned from Year 6 at the commencement of each school year. Each member of Year 6 is included in the leadership program and is acknowledged as such by the privilege of wearing a School Leadership badge. All Year 6 students nominate themselves for consideration as the leader in one of the four student Leadership Ministries. The leader of each Ministry is referred to as the Minister while the Deputy Leader is referred to as the Deputy Minister.

Our senior students take on a range of leadership responsibilities. As well as official leadership roles, they become Peer Mentors and Kindergarten Buddies.

All Kindergarten students are allocated a ‘buddy’ from Year 5. The role of the buddy is to help Kindergarten students settle into their new school environment. The role is ongoing for the Year 5 and 6 students as mentors for their younger buddies.

We implement Peer Support Programs by establishing ‘Peer Support Groups’ each year. Each group includes a child from each of the seven grades at the school. The Year 6 Peer Support Group member is the leader of the group for the year. The Year 6 students undertake leadership training prior to the Peer Support Group sessions.